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There must have been a sentence,
That you picked up at childhood.
And it got stuck in your mind ever since.
Mine is this:
为人民服务 (Serve the People)

Don’t trust the words,
The body whispers.
Do you hear the cracking?
That’s the sound of my brain collapsing.
That’s the sound of me falling.

What we believe in,
destroys us the most.
I cried and I cried,
but I have to move on.
I need to find a new me.

Of course,
Oppression is never a Communist invention,
but to rebel is the universal solution.

Inspired by YAN Lianke’s novel 'Serve the People'
Adapted and Directed by JIAO Ran
Dramaturg: Nika Svab, Veronica Martinkova, Wayne Jordan
Choreographer: Eva Urbanova
Set/Costume Designer: Sorcha Gibson
Sound/Light designer: Maria Huber
Producer: Cici Hu
Cover PIcture Credited to Rosa Wallbrecher

LIU Lian: Olga Mikulska
WU Dawang: Petr Urban
Farmers: Ivana Atanasova, Tinka Avramova, Denis Davitkovski, Nirav Prajapati


DAMU, trakt Karlova
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