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The S Word: Merging Methodologies

The Stanislavski Centre in partnership with The University of California Riverside and DAMU Theatre Academy Present "The S Word: Merging Methodologies".

StanislavskijAn international symposium @ DAMU Theatre Academy, Prague, Czech Republic 24th, 25th and 26th March 2017.

The second of our international symposiums exploring the legacy and influences of Konstantin Stanislavski on the contemporary theatre.

Keynote speakers: Prof. Anatoly Smeliansky (President, Moscow Art Theatre School) and Prof. Jan Burian (General Director, Czech National Theatre.

Guest speakers include:

Prof. Sergei Tcherkasski (The Russian State Institute of Performing Arts, St Petersburg) on his award-winning book, Acting: Stanislavsky – Boleslavsky – Strasberg: History, Theory and Practice.

Prof Andrei Malaev-Babel (Florida State University) The Nikolai Demidov Organic Acting Technique, and his new book, Nikolai Demidov's Becoming an Actor-Creator, (Routledge, 2016).

Workshops include: Yoga and Acting, Stanislavski and Barba, Acting with the Inner Partner, Stella Adler and Emotion Memory.

Paper topics include: Sanford Meisner, Michael Chekhov, Stanislavski and the Brazilian Theatre, Lee Strasberg, Thomas Ostermeier, Demidov, and Serafima Birman.

Presenters include: Bella Merlin, Marie-Christine Autant-Mathieu, Milton Justice, Jan Hancil and Rose Whyman.

A performance of the play, Friends, by Barbora Hancilova, directed by Adam Svozil, with the actors of the DAMU fourth year Acting programme, designed by the students of Scenography.  

A premiere screening of the new Russian TV film, Stanislavski and Yoga, (by permission of VGTRK).

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Registration fee: 1000 CZK

Contact person for registration - Aneta Ruttenbacherová:


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