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‘Contrasting Modernities: Understanding Meyerhold and Michael Chekhov’s practice as Material culture’.

A two-day investigative workshop and seminar led by Professor Jonathan Pitches

November 26-27th 2018, 9-12 and 13-16
ROOMS: 26th R102, 27th 9-12 v K326, 13-16 v R310

This workshop seeks to interrogate two key C20th practitioners from the Russian tradition of actor training (Meyerhold and Chekhov) using ideas taken from Material Culture. Material culture’s underlying premise is:
That human-made objects reflect, consciously or unconsciously, directly or indirectly, the beliefs of the individual who commissioned, fabricated purchased or used them, and, by extension, the beliefs of the larger society to which these individuals belonged. (Prown qtd in Harvey 2009: 6)
Our explorations, both practically and in animated discussion, will involve exercises from Chekhov’s and Meyerhold’s training regimes – focusing on the biomechanical études and Chekhov’s Psychological gesture. For the sake of the workshop we will treat these exercises as ‘objects’, ones which are culturally contingent and situated.
What does such an approach reveal about the place of these exercises in Modernist training? How could such contrasting approaches be so closely connected to the same teacher, Konstantin Stanislavsky? How does a scrutiny of the historical situatedness of these regimes help a contemporary actor-performer working today? What are the most influential factors on these two practitioners currently and how are they changing our interpretation of their practices? What, for instance does the digital domain offer Chekhov’s and Meyerhold’s practice.

Prerequisites (what the participants have to do before the workshop):
1. Key-reading:
Essay Contrasting Modernities by J. Pitches
2. Free online course: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/physical-theatre-exploring-the-slap, !!! attention - START DATES: 1st October 2018, 5th November 2018 (2 weeks, 3 hours per week) !!!

Selected bibliography will be available for the students on filr.amu.cz.

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By e-mail to:  tereza.sieglova@damu.cz. Deadline: Friday 2nd November 2018. Number of participants is limited!

207WSA3 Workshop I. 3, zápočet for 3 ECTS - 100% attendance to the workshop

Jonathan Pitches
is Professor of Theatre and Performance at the University of Leeds in the School Performance and Cultural Industries. He specialises in the study of performer training, environmental performance and blended learning. He is founding co-editor of the journal of Theatre, Dance and Performance Training (2010-present) and has published several books in this area including Vsevolod Meyerhold (2003/18), Science and the Stanislavsky Tradition of Acting (2006/9) Russians in Britain (2012) and Stanislavsky in the World (with Dr Stefan Aquilina 2017). He is editor of Great Stage Directors Vol 3: Komisarjevsky, Copeau, Guthrie (2018) and sole author of Performing Mountains (forthcoming 2019), supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.  Throughout his time as an academic Jonathan has been interested in performer training, beginning with Russian approaches to actor training and expanding out more recently to the UK, US and China. He trained with Alexei Levinsky in in the 1990s, deepening his curiosity and engagement with laboratory training practices. This curiosity has taken him to Japan, China, Malta and Australia to explore these practices with students and professional actors.



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