Workshop: Anney Roy - CON-S/HE-US-MESS

23. února 2023 17:00 -
2. března 2023 20:00

"CON-S/HE-US-MESS", a wordplay on "Consciousness", is a four-part workshop that includes three seminars and one private light & sound experiment. The first seminar, "CON", will introduce Culture and Creative Consciousness with the aim of tapping into a collective understanding of humane evolution. The second seminar, "S/HE", takes a Fundamentalist-Marxist-Post Modernist standpoint on Emotional Activation and Personal Perspective. It will also embark on an expedition to explore hidden patterns that guide our decision-making processes. This will be followed by the private Ganzfeld Experience, "US", for those who pass the screening and are eligible to participate in an experimental setup.

Furthermore, the last workshop seminar, "MESS", dives into Space and Situational Structures. Through a dimensional fruit salad of analytical, archaic and cultural lenses revolving around lighting & sound design, emotions, feelings, moods, consciousness, socioeconomic and other situational structures, "MESS" represents the amalgamation of the immediate environment and our mind-space. Lastly, we end the workshop by diving into how anarchy facilitates social order through art, aesthetics and perception.

Each seminar is 90 minutes in duration. After every seminar, the audience is welcome to stay back for an additional 30-45 minutes of group consultation about their personal projects and internal research.

Dates for the Workshop

  1. CON - Culture and Creative Consciousness: 23/02/2023 5 – 8pm Haller Hall DAMU
  2. S/HE - Emotional Activation and Personal Perspective: 02/03/2023 5-8pm Haller Hall DAMU
  3. US - Ganzfeld Experience: The date and location will be announced after screening for trauma symptoms
  4. MESS - Space and Situational Structures: The date will be announced after the Ganzfeld Experience

Come say hello to us at the Haller Lecture Hall!

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