The Prague Summer Theatre School


Applied Theatre

Learn to make an impact on society through creative theatre work.

Are you a social worker, teacher, therapist or work with people who would benefit from finding a way to express themselves? Or are you a theatre maker interested in taking theatre beyond its artistic limits? Would you like your theatre work contribute to society beyond the arts?

This three-day intensive will focus on the basics of applied theatre. You will explore the basic philosophy and practice of Forum Theatre, process drama, and other applied theatre approaches. You will learn how to devise theatre and develop different themes with people who need not be theatre makers. These techniques can be applied to all age groups, from toddlers to grand mothers.

Applied theatre includes very effective approaches of encouraging us to deal with emotions and become aware of our strengths and weaknesses. Most of all, it helps us empower people and communities.  Applied theatre is a fascinating mix of social work, pedagogy and ambitious artistic work.


June 13th to 15th, 2014. You may also take any Three-Week Course.


Emmi Komlosi, MFA, is an applied theatre maker and a theatre teacher. She received her BFA in applied theatre at the Helsinki University of Applied Sciences and an MFA in theatre pedagogy at the Theatre Academy of Finland. She studied in DAMU for a year during her BA studies. She has also studied under Suzanne Osten (SWE) from Theatre Unga Klara and Adrian Jackson (UK) at Cardboard Citizens. After spending six years in Prague, she has recently returned to Finland where she has taught at Annantalo, an art center for children and youth held by the culture ministry of Finland. Among other applied theatre work, the past years she has led workshops that culminated in performances: for example, a performance about independence with a group of teenage girls; a performance about identity with a group of first-generation Finns; a performance about fears with 5-8 year-old children; and a site-specific performance for 8-10 year old children. She is very passionate about theatre pedagogy, applied theatre and their position in the society.

Photo: From Ferris Wheel, a performance identity and independence with teenage girls, directed by Emmi Komlosi, Helsinki, Finland.  Photo by Paula Virta.