The Prague Summer Theatre School


Diana De Fex

I am an Italian-Colombian actress and facilitator. I studied acting and theatre studies in Paris (Acting International and University of Paris West Nanterre). I spent a year as an Erasmus student in the Drama, Italian and Russian Departments at Trinity College Dublin. I also trained as a facilitator at the Theatre of the Oppressed in Paris and with Imagin’Action in Belfast and Madrid.

I attended the PSTS in 2011 to study “Interacting with the Inner Partner”, which was a very enriching and fruitful experience. I keep referring back to it as artistic and life experiences shed new light on my understanding of the discipline, and vice-versa. PSTS is also a great place to network and meet inspiring artists. In fact, after meeting artist-puppeteer Husam Abed, we collaborated in a theatre project in Jordan, where I facilitated acting and Theatre of the Oppressed workshops for Palestinian refugees.

I am currently completing my postgraduate dissertation for the University of Paris about Theatre of Witness and Autobiographical performance. I am also learning to dance Tango, developing my solo show, “Psycho-geography” and devising new projects of theatre with communities. For updates on my work and whereabouts see my website or follow me on Twitter.