MA & BA Degree Programs


M.A. Degree Programs - Overview


Arts Management
This program facilitates an insightful understanding of the key problems and questions in contemporary arts (cultural) management with a particular focus on theatre. Apart from offering a thorough education in the production, marketing and law theory necessary for managing arts projects and organizations, the program presents students with a particularly strong practical experience component made possible by the department’s connection to the school’s theatre, DISK, and close collaboration with other departments at DAMU; other schools like the Film Faculty (FAMU); and recognized cultural institutions in the Czech Republic.

Application deadline: April 22, 2017 


Authorial Acting
Geared for individuals who want to conceive and perform their own solo and group performances, the program in Authorial Acting develops the knowledge, skills and capabilities needed to discover and develop personal themes and cultivate the expressive means for articulating them. Careful attention is given to fundamental dramatic principles, like play and improvisation, as well as the anthropological and philosophical aspects of creativity. Acting and performance are studied in a multidisciplinary manner as creative public behaviour.

Applicaton deadline: June 13, 2017


Directing for Devised and Object Theatre 
The program offers advanced studies in the practice of theatre-making with a twofold focus: learning the process of devising a theatre performance from scratch, with a strong emphasis on a visuality of expression.
Students will learn to create theatre performances with strong visual, spatial, object and media (low tech) aspects, as well as working in other related performance forms such as scenographic installations, sound performances, and other types of performances with strong visual and spatial dramaturgy.

Application Deadline: April 30, 2017

Directing for Dramatic Theatre
The directing program for dramatic theatre makes full use of the tried and true methods and techniques that have been developed at DAMU for over forty years by leading Czech theatre teachers, theatre directors and scholars. The aim of this program is to prepare students as theatre directors. After a thorough grounding in the field, students gain hands-on experience working with fellow students and theatre professionals in well-equipped theatre spaces in Prague as assistant directors.

Application Deadline: December 31, 2016

Stage Design
This study program aims to prepare students to shape dramatic space for theatre, opera, and ballet. Design for non-traditional, or site specific spaces, is also included in the program.

Application Deadline: 


regular application deadline : May 31, 2017




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Prague Summer Theatre School at DAMU
The PSTS provides theatre students and beginning practitioners with a diverse, hands-on immersion in the basic principles and practices of authorial and alternative theatre forms. It is an excellent way for non-Czech speaking students to acquaint themselves with DAMU, especially for those who may be interested in applying to its Erasmus program and/or the M.A. programs in English. University students interested in obtaining credit for the coursework may do so. The PSTS can also benefit professionals who are looking to diversify their practice. Access to the school’s theatrical and technical facilities (theatre and rehearsal spaces, internet) is included.