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Arts Management

Application Call for Academic Year 2018/19 is open


Applications are due January 15, 2018 with audition interviews in the second half of February, 2018

Program Overview

A graduate of the M.A. program in Arts Management has a detailed knowledge of the status of contemporary culture and media and is trained in various skills like managing, organizing and communicating. During his/her studies, the graduate has matured into a distinct personality with the ability to deal with professional challenges independently and creatively. The graduate is prepared to apply himself/herself at high-level management of cultural institutions, as a producer in independent performing arts projects, and/or can serve as a specialist in performing arts financing, marketing or copyright law.

Study Program

The study program in Arts Management offers students a self-contained summary of knowledge and skills needed for future work in organizing, managing and running artistic activities. Even though the main focus of studies is on various theatrical forms, including contemporary and interdisciplinary (new circus, scenographic theatre, happenings, events at the cross-roads of different genres, etc.), the course takes into account the specific aspects of other genres of the “performing arts” – i.e., dance and music – and even touches on the fine arts.

The course structure and content changes dynamically in relation to modern trends in the theory of arts management and marketing that have developed dramatically in the past decades. The principal areas and themes of the course are, for example:

– project management in performing arts

– cultural policies and systems of public administration

– creative and cultural industries concept

– economics and law in performing arts

– fundraising, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

– historical and current social, cultural and artistic trends

– marketing, media, PR, communication

– audience development, i.e., in terms of education, breaking down barriers to art, etc.

Skills, such as people management (communicating and supervising people), are gained and honed through

seminars and workshops led by professionals. In contrast to other university level programs in Arts Management, the Department of Arts Management at DAMU is directly linked to variety of artistic study programs at the school and includes a hands-on practice. It has a professional anchor in the school, particularly through the DISK theatre, where student productions are presented year-round. Arts Management students actively participate in these programs and thereby have the opportunity to hone and verify their knowledge and skills.

Seminars are a vital space for working with leading professionals, managers, artists and specialist from a variety of fields. Students keep a pulse on current cultural activity through regular participation at professional conferences/seminars organized by a wide-range of active cultural institutions.

The study program puts maximal emphasis on connection with a labour market by having maximum of professionals involved in the learning process. Teachers of main and specialized subjects are also active in their own fields, many of them as managers of leading cultural institutions.

Admission to the Program


Application deadline: January 15, 2018


International applicants should submit their  application form  and the following materials to Study department (Registrar´s Office) of DAMU by email to

Together with  application form applicants also submit a proposal for the Master’s project; that is, a theoretical problem on which they suggest to do a research during their first year of M.A. studies. The core aims of the research, supporting hypotheses, main sources of theoretical expertise and relevant data for the research as well as main reasons for the choice of the specific topic should be summed up in about 700 - 1000 words.

Additionally, students must submit:

CV* (including actual e-mail address, phone number and/or skype name)

Letter of Motivation* (including the personal reasons to choose the field of Arts Management; a reflection of their practical experience to date; and a vision of their future professional career).

- notarized copy of your bachelor diploma

All materials must be submitted in English (or must be translated into English).

The admission commission will offer an interview date and time through e-mail. During the entrance interview the applicant will need to demonstrate basic knowledge of the history of art as well as contemporary art; management and marketing; economics and law.


Study fee: 150.000 CZK per academic year


One of the principal components of the study program is the individual research project, which each student accomplishes under the supervision of a tutor and develops in continual consultation with other teachers as well as a student working group. This ensures an individual approach to each student that centres on his/her own professional interests and experiences. It culminates in a master’s thesis at the close of study program. The progress and result of the research is assessed by the committee of teachers at the end of each semester.

Some of the courses are followed by exams. A cumulative state exam has to be passed at the end of the study program.

Beyond DAMU

The graduate will be prepared to work in the following positions:

  • manager: festivals, projects, events, mise-en-scenes, theatre companies, theatres
  • producer in the performing arts sector
  • marketing director, marketing strategist in culture
  • public relations specialist, director of business department
  • state institutions in areas of directing cultural activities and cultural politics
  • fundraiser for cultural projects and institutions

Further, the graduate will be able to realize the following activities on a professional level:

  • to create, initiate and manage cultural projects
  • to find and acquire the necessary resources to realize these projects
  • to create, actualize and manage the marketing strategies of these projects
  • to carry out and take advantage of market research and work with databases
  • to communicate with media and the public and present projects effectively
  • to  assess, discuss and analyze strategies and tools for cultural politics at regional, national and international levels

Course Leaders

All the faculty at the Department of Arts Management are working professionals with a wealth of experience in their fi elds. They include:

MgA. Michal Lázňovský, Ph.D. – Head of the Department of Arts Management, DAMU
Speciality: Arts management

doc. JUDr. Jiří Srstka – Professor at the Department of Arts Management, DAMU 
Speciality: Arts management and law

MgA. Jiří Sulženko, Ph.D. – Lecturer at the Department of Arts Management, DAMU 
Speciality: Arts management

MgA. Petr Prokop – Lecturer at the Department of Arts Management, DAMU 
Speciality: Theatre production, event production

MgA. David Kašpar – Lecturer at the Department of Arts Management, DAMU 
Speciality: Arts management

ing. Jana Ledvinová – Assistent Lecturer at the Department of Arts Management, DAMU 
Speciality: Fundraising

ing. Pavla Petrová – Assistent Lecturer at the Department of Arts Management, DAMU 
Speciality: Theatre production, event production