Department of Drama in Education


Department of Drama in Education

is dedicated to preparing professionals working in all areas of drama education - especially school (internal) drama education, theatre played by children and youth, children’s recitation and theatre in education.
During studies, students are introduced to various types and directions of dramatic education, theatrical disciplines, literature, pedagogy and psychology.
Graduates work in all kinds of schools (from kindergartens and elementary schools to universities), at schools of the arts, in literary dramatic fields at elementary schools of the arts, at leisure centers for children and youth and in therapeutic assistance.
The three-year follow-up Masters’ programme is offered on campus or in combined form. The combined form of Bachelors’ study takes four years. Following it is a two-year combined Masters’ programme intended exclusively for graduates of the DAMU Department of Drama in Education Bachelors’ programme.

Department head
doc. Radek MARUŠÁK

Department secretary

Phone: 234 244 281, 234 244 280
Fax: 234 244 281
Work mobile phone: 721 239 374