Department of Dramatic Theatre


Puppet Conference of Three Layers Project

Kecskemét, at 5 pm on 11th October, 2016.

The last dissemination conference of the puppet working group of the 3 Layers Project will be held in Kecskemét, at 5 pm on 11th October, 2016. The event is adjusted to the Zero-Day of the 13th Meeting of Hungarian Puppet Theatres organised in the studio of the Ciróka Puppet Theatre. The aim of this conference is to provide a possibility for the four partner universities of the puppetry working group to present their joint 4 semesters training program to the Hungarian puppet theatre practitioners.

The representatives of the foreign universities are Wieslaw Czolpinski, Marta Rau and Paulina Matusiak from the Bialystok Academy, Poland, Michal Somos and Marek Becka from DAMU, Czech Republic, Ida Hledikova, Barbora Zamisková and Marika Kecskesova from VSMU, Slovakia. The leaders of the working group representing the puppet department of Hungarian Academy of Theatre and Film are Csató Kata and Ellinger Edina.

Beside talking about their scheduled Joint Master Programs, the speakers of the conference will give a short presentation of the special puppet artists’ curriculum courses of their own institution. The organisers provide an opportunity for the representatives of Hungarian puppet experts to raise questions after listening to the different presentations, and the dissemination conference can transform to an international discourse of professional puppet practitioners.