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Shrnutí výsledků projektu Three Layers

The international project “Three layers of telling a story: creation of joint curricula in the higher education of cinematographers, puppeteers and applied theatre practitioners” was implemented in cooperation of seven European universities from 2014 to 2017. It comprised the activities of three work packages, those of Cinematography, Puppetry and Applied Theatre, interlinked by their respective roles in storytelling.

Three Layers 2017

The higher education consortium made up of the University of Theatre and Film Arts/HU, Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design, Technology/IE and Baltic Film and Media School of Tallinn University/EE enriched the range of European Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees by its “Viewfinder” cinematography joint master programme. The first semester of the first class started in Dublin, in September 2017. See more about programme here.

Three Layers 2017

The concept, the curriculum and the consortium core documents for launching the “PuppeTry” joint master, a theatrical field not yet covered by an EMJMD, were drawn up by the University of Theatre and Film Arts/HU, the Academy of Performing Arts/SK, the Puppetry Department of Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art/PL and the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague/CZ.

Together with the above-mentioned Hungarian university, the University of Arts Târgu-Mureş /RO developed 4 joint university modules in the Applied Theatre field. They intend to fit them into their training portfolios first in the form of an international summer university, then as a joint master.

Other activities implemented during the project period, playing an important role in creating the above joint training courses, included i.e. 16 test teachings in the framework of teacher/student mobility, work-shops, experience exchange, 9 international project meetings and the professional conference of January 2015 held with the contribution of the whole partnership, 17 international lecturers and 124 interested domestic parties, tackling the theoretical, empirical and pedagogical issues raised by the three fields concerned, as seen from the common perspective of storytelling. 

Three Layers 2017

Proceedings, the freely available document comprising the conference presentations and published by the project leader Hungarian university is expected to initiate further scientific, professional and training contacts in the fields of puppetry, cinematography and applied theatre.

The other two freely available intellectual outputs of the 3 layers project – I know that you don’t know that I know – the Intentional Stance in Filmmaking by János Vecsernyés/HU in the field of cinematography, and 3D HEROES – Some Dramaturgical Aspects of Adaptation in Contemporary Puppet Theatre by Dóra Gimesi/HU in that of puppetry – are meant to serve the same purpose.

Three Layers 2017

An extensive network of international associated partners has evolved around the joint training programmes developed under the project: the Viewfinder programme is supported by 28 international and national professional organisations, film companies, HEIs within and without Europe, CILECT, the International Association of Film and Television Schools and IMAGO, the European Federation of National Cinematographers Associations. Its students are hosted for short study periods by York University, Canada, Jerusalem-based Maaleh Film and the Media School and Victoria Colleges in Melbourne. The quality assurance committee of the programme is headed by a senior cinematography professor of London Film School.

The implementation of the PuppeTry joint programme is supported by 26 international organisations, by puppet theatres and UNIMA, the International Marionette Institute. 

The professional quality of the 4 Applied Theatre joint modules was checked by a professor of London Holloway University. 

The outputs of the 3 layers project were presented to the wider professional public at the Kecskemét Meeting of Hungarian Puppet Theatres (puppetry work package), the Hungarian Film Week (cinematography work package) and the Hungarian National Theatre Festival (Applied Theatre work package).

Three Layers 2017

According to the 2011 EU Modernisation Agenda, “education, and in particular higher education, plays a crucial role in individual and societal advancement. Moreover, the international mobility of students, researchers and staff, as well as the growing internationalisation of higher education, have a strong impact on quality and affect the key areas replied to these statements and is in line with the aim of ‘Strengthening quality through mobility and cross-border co-operation’”. The project outputs contributed to reaching the target “to double the proportion of students completing a study or training period abroad to 20% by 2020”.