Mezinárodní aktivity



PROGRAM 18 January, Monday, 10:00 – 16:00

Is the cinematographer needed? Cinematographer’s skill in the story-telling

Opening speech – Géza M. Tóth, Rector (SZFE / Hungary)


János Vecsernyés – Is the cinematographer needed? (SZFE / Hungary)

Elen Lotman – How cinematography affects the audience's perceived empathy towards the characters (Baltic Film and Media School / Estonia)

Harriet Cox – Seeing the light (London Film School / United Kingdom)


Michael Keusch - The Cinematography: Story and Technology (film director / United States of America, Germany)

Gabriel Wagon – The role of Cinematographer in the VFX era (Ma’aleh Film and Media School / Israel)

Matt Skinner – Soul Cinematography (Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art | Design | Technology's / Ireland)


Gábor Szabó – Pictures aren't made in cameras, but behind the closed eyes of a DP (HSC / Hungary)

Discussion, Moderator: György Báron (SZFE / Hungary)


PROGRAM 19 January, Tuesday, 10:00 – 16:00

On the borders of story-telling. Puppet theatre education in the 21st century

Opening speech: Tibor Csizmadia, Head of the Institute of Theatre Arts (SZFE / Hungary)


Theoretical part

Prof. Ida Hledíková PhD - Puppetness in contemporary theatre (The Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava / Slovakia)

Karol Suszczyński - While crossing too many borders, we forget where we come from (Academia Teatralna im. Aleksandra Zelwerowicza w Warszawie / Poland)

Géza Balogh - The puppeteer yesterday, today and tomorrow (Hungary)


Practical part

MgA. Tomáš Procházka - Noises and Visions. Puppet theatre influenced by experimental music and visual art (The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague / Czech Republic)

Dóra Gimesi - Versions of fairy tale: The practice of creative writing in the education of Hungarian puppeteers (SZFE / Hungary)

Konrad Dworakowski - Double tree – cross the border of imagination (Academia Teatralna im. Aleksandra Zelwerowicza w Warszawie / Poland)


Pedagogical part

MgA. Jiří Adámek, Ph.D - Student or young artist? Casuistry of searching the authentic creative expression (Czech Republic / Czech Republic)

Xiaoxin Wang - Educating Puppeteers in Chinese Stage and Screen. (Sanghai Theater Academy / China)

MgA. Katarína Aulitisová - Space as Inspiration and Ephemeral Expression Meanings (The Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava / Slovakia)

Discussion, Moderator: Kata Csató (SZFE / Hungary)


Performance of the 4th year puppeteer-actor students

PROGRAM 22 January, Friday, 9:00 – 18:00

Story-telling in the Context of Applied Theatre

Opening speech: Géza Hegedűs D., Vice-Rector (SZFE / Hungary)


Helen Nicholson - Telling Good Stories: Applied Theatre, Relationality and Participation (Royal Holloway, University of London / United Kingdom)


Mária Albert - The Inevitable and the Unpredictable (Re)Action. (University of Arts, Târgu-Mureş / Romania)

Anda Cadariu - Forum Theatre in Social Responsibility Campaigns. A Case Study (University of Arts, Târgu-Mureş / Romania)

Máté Gáspár - Extended notion of Applied Theatre for higher educational purposes. (SZFE / Hungary)

Kinga Boros - Staging Personal Stories – The Experiences of the Theatrical Event Terminus (University of Arts, Târgu-Mureş / Romania)

Eugen Păsăreanu - The Relevance of Drama for Romanian Teenagers. (University of Arts, Târgu-Mureş / Romania)

Dániel Golden - Performing Stories in Educational Contexts. (SZFE / Hungary)




My Theatre Story

interactive session on first important theatre experiences and the notion of the theatre
Parallel working groups in English and in Hungarian


Images of Applied Theatre

interactive session on the genres of applied drama and theatre

Parallel working groups in English and in Hungarian


Closing discussion